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Membership has its benefits! Tower Family Credit Union members have access to financial products, services and conveniences our credit union has to offer. 


To qualify for membership at Tower Family Credit Union you must be an employee in a medical, mental or physical health facility located in Kalamazoo County. This means you could be a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, nurse, physical therapist, nutritionist, or just work in a facility that promotes physical and mental well being to others.

You could also be an immediate relative of a current member, be 55 years of age or older, receiving a pension and living in Kalamazoo County, or your employer could become a sponsor group in the credit union by simply writing a brief letter of request.

Membership consists of a $5 share deposit in your account. This share is to remain in your account at all times; if you choose to close your account, then it would be returned to you. All members are considered equal and each member (at age 16) has only one vote during the election of volunteers or in matters that would change our by-laws as recorded with the State of Michigan.

Join us today—for all the benefits that membership offers.

Contact us for more information on joining the credit union.